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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are here, but they might not stay for long! Don’t believe me? Just check the performance comparison infographic.


Without a doubt, they are faster, smarter and efficient than their predecessors, thanks to the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. They can shoot better-looking photos, provide greater security features, and are extremely convenient.

However, it doesn’t mean that the world revolves around them. There are a few things about this Galaxy S9 pair that might make you think twice (or even thrice) before you purchase one!


6 Reasons For Why You Shouldn’t Buy Samsung Galaxy S9

Earlier this year, Samsung released its latest flagship smartphones. Both of the devices look almost like the S8 pair, but with the better placement of fingerprint scanner, nicer camera, and a wider variety of colors. But just like every other good thing, the Galaxy S9 also comes with a fair share of cons.

Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy S9 Isn’t Good Enough

After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has made sure to play safe when it comes to batteries. And for some other reasons, Samsung has decided to stay with the same ol’ 3000 mAh battery unit. If you recollect, the battery life of Galaxy S8 was below average, and it needed at least two charges on a per day basis.

Though, the new Snapdragon chip is expected to be a game changer for the battery life, because of the enhanced efficiency; all that remains is to see how much of the difference it makes for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Moreover, the company fitted the phone with a USB Type-C port for the fast charging purposes. If you want to go wireless and juice your phone without all of that wiring spread around, then you might also want to invest in a wireless charger.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 battery

Image Source: Samsung


Super Slow-mo Needs Super Duper Bright Lighting

Just like its predecessor, the Galaxy S9 has been fitted with the best image sensors which allow the perfect image, even in the near-dark environment. The redesigned camera app, switchable aperture, improved auto-focus, and better noise reduction make it capable enough to stand equal with, or even surpass, the Google’s Pixel 2.

But the super slow-mo filming feature of the camera that Samsung has integrated in its Galaxy S9 allows only 720p quality. It wouldn’t be that much of an issue and would be quite impressive, if it weren’t for the fact that you will need extremely bright lighting to create a usable product.

Video Source: Samsung


AR Emoji Are Creepy

It is true that the iPhone X’s Animojis weren’t loved by all; but the Samsung’s AR Emoji feature isn’t in a good shape, either. The main idea behind this “moji” thing is to convert and replicate the facial expressions of the person to the humanoid cartoons.

Compared to Apple’s iPhone X which takes several data points of your face to create its Animoji, Samsung Galaxy S9 makes use of its regular camera and machine learning combo to create avatars. However, irrespective of the technique and how enjoyable the idea is, it still needs a lot of work before it gets there.

Most of the Emojis created by it are creepy, than cute, and the user has to assume resemblance to himself, as it fails in creating one. There are some exceptions too, where it created almost exact replicas of the users. But such cases are far rare. Check out the CNET editors’ reactions on Galaxy S9’s AR Emoji feature.

Intelligent Scan Doesn’t Work Too Well

Just like Apple’s animoji, Samsung introduced an alternative to Face ID, the Intelligent Scan. This feature integrates iris scanning with traditional facial recognition technologies to unlock the device. The best thing about it is that, unlike with iPhone X, you won’t even have to touch the display to activate your phone. All you have got to do is just stare at it, and you are good to go.

On the other hand, you might have to give up on purchase verification using Intelligent Scan, as according to Samsung, anyone who looks like you or has a picture of you, might be able to unlock your phone. And for that, you   That’s where the iPhone X provides its users with greater confidence in security. It creates a 3D depth map of the face using 30,000 invisible dots, and makes the device more secure.

Note that Samsung warns its users against using the Intelligent Scan feature on infants, as it may prove damaging for their eyesight.

Samsung Galaxy S9 face unlock

Image Source: Samsung


Excellent Performance But Still A Step Behind iPhone X

In terms of the processing capabilities, the Galaxy S9, powered by 4GB of RAM and 845 Qualcomm Processor, is quite a beast in itself. The S9+, with 6GB of RAM, is even more powerful. But iPhone X, despite its 3GB RAM, is far superior to both, thanks to its A11 Bionic chip.

According to Geekbench 4 test results, on which the overall performance of the devices is measured, the Galaxy S9 hit 8814; while the S9 Plus, because of being the “Plus” version, was able to get up to 8940. But they are still no match for the iPhone X’s A11 Bionic chip, which made an impressive 10,401 mark.

In simpler terms, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will take more time to open demanding apps than iPhone X. In some tests at Tomsguide, it took 5 more seconds for S9+ to open Tekken 2, as compared to iPhone X. Similarly, the S9+ took 20 seconds to start the Injustice 2 game, whereas the X needed just 13 seconds to do that.


Bloatware! And A Lot Of It!

Just like every previous generation Samsung phone, the galaxy S9 comes with a horde of non-removable pre-installed apps. It is seldom the case that the user uses these apps to his advantage, otherwise these end up cluttering the phone.

Moreover, to add to it, Samsung has introduced a dedicated key for Bixby on the left edge. And just like we said earlier that unless you become a regular Bixby user, this key is more of a bloatware.

Samsung Galaxy S9 bloatware

Image Source: Gadget Hacks


Wrap Up

Compared to Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy S9 isn’t a meaningful upgrade for the users. But the screen capabilities, and design specifications do make it unique enough to make people want to buy it. Rest assured, it is not that new trendsetting device which everyone expected.

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