Father's Day 2018

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It’s Father’s Day 2018 and you want to give your dad the best gift, ever? With these gifts, a few precious moments of your life, and a smile filled with love towards your father, you can make the best day of his life.

Father's Day 2018


Is it Father’s Day today? Really!

Just like every year, the Father’s Day 2018 is supposed to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June. And today is, without a doubt, THE THIRD SUNDAY OF JUNE.

So YES!!! The Father’s Day is here!

Do watch this Metlife’s Heart-touching Commercial “My Father is a Liar”.


Best gifts to show you care

Well! Everyone knows that just 24 hours aren’t even near enough to show our love to our dads. But it’s still nice to let him know that how much we love, appreciate and care about them. In case if you have left matter to the last moment, then don’t worry as we have got your back with these handy gift ideas, and inspiring quotes.

It doesn’t matter whether you have planned to go out for a meal or shower, or even something digital; we are cent percent sure that he will appreciate it. But we would still recommend you to forget about usual bottle of whiskey, chocolate box, or a lunch out; and go with these top five Father’s Day 2018 gifts.

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Father’s Day 2018 Gift Ideas

Just as we said earlier, the time that you spend with your family is a far greater gift than a materialistic one. Therefore, you should look for the opportunities that can help you and your dad spend quality time, and can leave lasting impression, e.g. an indoor skydiving session.

In just $45 (or £39), your dad can enjoy the excitement and thrill of skydiving at the World’s largest wind tunnel for skydiving at Bedfordshire. Several websites offer great experiences to suit the wants of all kinds of dads.


The Garmin Vivosport GPS Activity Tracker takes the look of a handy watch, but packs a lot of features. It tracks the daily activities, is water proof, can be used for wellness monitoring, has a built-in GPS tracker and tells the user about the stress and workout levels.

It comes in three different colors and various sizes to ensure that your dad gets the best of it. Moreover, it also comes with useful pre-loaded apps for running and cycling, and gives smart notifications.

If your dad is a tech savvy and loves outdoors, then this product from Cotsworld Outdoor is definitely gonna’ make him happy.

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If you are still stuck at finding an inspiration for the best digital gift, then why don’t you go with Amazon Echo Dot. This masterpiece, from Amazon, sprinkles the magic of Alexa to your household and plays music, news; and it can help you control the smart home devices, in just $53 (or £39.99).


  • Something Personalized

Giving something unique and personalized to a dad, who wants nothing as he already has everything, can be a great heartwarming and a thoughtful gift.

You can also visit My1stYears.com and take a look at the interesting selection of items that can be personalized, from waffle robes, to golf sets, and everything in between.

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Wrap Up

Keep in mind that dads, most of the time, are not as open with their emotions as moms, but they still love you the same. And this Father’s Day 2018 is the best time to give him a special thanks to let him know that you also love him.