Samsung Galaxy S9

6 Reasons To Stay Away From Samsung Galaxy S9 – TechnoScans

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are here, but they might not stay for long! Don’t believe me? Just check the performance comparison infographic.   Without a doubt, they are faster, smarter and efficient than their predecessors, thanks to the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. They can shoot better-looking photos, provide greater security features, and are […]

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Free Online Photo Editor

10 Best Free Online Photo Editor Services | TechnoScans

Every now and then we have to edit our pictures to make them look more clear and good. Most people are not familiar with a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop mostly due to their technical complexity. People requiring minor edits with easy to use tools mostly prefer online photo editing rather than installing complex […]

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Google CardBoard with VRidge and RiftCat

VRidge Turns Google Cardboard to a Powerful VR Headset | TechnoScans

Turn your Google Cardboard headset into a VR gaming powerhouse using a PC, a smartphone, and VRidge. It seems like a matter of yesterday when the Virtual Reality headsets were just a KickStarter fever. And in a few years, VR has become one of the most impressive, cutting-edge, and innovative technology of its time. Today, […]

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How to change facebook password

How to Change Facebook Password (Step-by-Step Guide) | TechnoScans

According to recent reports, the number of active Facebook account users in the United States has swelled up to 230 millions. And more than 80 percent of these users are unsure about the security of their privacy, as the number of hackers is rising at an astonishing rate. This is exactly why the subscribers need […]

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