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Nintendo shows the first glimpse of Super Smash Bros Ultimate to the fans at Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The Super Smash Bros Switch, Nintendo’s blockbuster game, is soon going to get its fifth installment. At the same time at E3, Nintendo hosted an tournament by inviting and featuring the top player of the series.


What’s with this same ol’ makeup!

Without a doubt, the game might look very familiar when compared to the previous installment, the Super Smash Bros for Wii U, also famous among the fans by the name of Smash 4.

But according to the presentation on Nintendo Direct at E3, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the focus of the same development team which brought the previous iterations to life. Thus, it is utilizing many of the previous assets. So, the game is not a port, but rather a new game being developed for Switch.


Major Takeaways with Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Do you remember the Solid Snake from the previous Smash games? Well! It is being reintroduced in the fifth game with almost all of the previous characters.

That’s not just it! Nintendo has made many other additions too, e.g. Ridley from Metroid series, depending upon the preferences of the fans. I wish they had also added Goku (from Dragon Ball Super), particularly after that Ultra Instinct power; but looks like we won’t be seeing him, at least in this installment.

The directional air-dodge, a mechanism worth bringing back from the second iteration, has also made its way to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate. However, unlike Smash 4 and Brawl, you won’t be able to dodge an infinite number of times. That is, in fact, their idea about balancing the advantages and disadvantages for an optimum gameplay.

Perfect Shield, a new mechanism introduced in the fifth installment of Super Smash Bros series, allows the player to repel and counter the opponent’s attack. The effect of the shield is maximum, when activated at the right moment. Otherwise, if that small time window gets missed, then the player will most likely take the full damage.

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Meanwhile! At the Nintendo E3 Invitational Tournament

At the tournament, the professional Smash 4 and Melee players were given a chance to get their hands on the game as much as they could. And the overall reaction of the players were positive towards the game, except one thing, the half-baked directional air-dodge.

Mr. R Delshid, the Beastcoast’s Ramin, in an interview said that he was confused about why the directional air-dodging trick was brought back. According to him, the only reason that the players loved this trick in the “Melee” was because they could perform “waveland” and “wavedash” with it. But now that Mr. Sakurai is not planing to the good parts of this trick, it would be better if he had not reintroduced it.

One thing which really impressed the players is that Nintendo is listening to the demands of its fans, and paying attention to the community.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate Release Date

Nintendo is planning to release the Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Switch on the 7th of the December. However, you can check out the Nintendo E3 gameplay at their official YouTube channel.

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