PSN Flash Sale April 2018

Save Up To 90% on PSN Flash Sale April 2018 | TechnoScans

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If you ever wanted your favorite PlayStation games at cheap rates, then this PSN Flash Sale is the one you should never miss!

PSN Flash Sale April 2018 | TechnoScans

The deals on the currently ongoing flash sale on the PlayStation Store let you save up to 90% on a huge number of games. This sale is mainly focused on the games playable on PlayStation VR, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 3 games.


PSN Flash Sale Games

Sony loves to unveil sales, every now and then. As this is the “Friday the 13th” weekend, Sony has decided to center this sale around the horror theme games.

The list of the purchasable games from the sale is extremely satisfying for the horror theme lovers. It’s no surprise that the list contains “Until Dawn” (available for $6 instead of $20). Even though, this game doesn’t need any introduction; but still for those, who don’t know about it, we will do it. It is about a small group of teenagers who spend a night at a cabin in the woods.

Another hit game from this genre is “The Last of Us Remastered“. This game amazes its players with its cinematic bonafides as he fights off the nightmare creatures. You can get if for $8 rather than $20. Moreover, its expansion pack “Left Behind” can be purchased for $4 (instead of $10).

Furthermore, the “Outlast 2” (down to $12 from $30) and “The Evil Within 2” ($30, regularly $60) bring the excitement of being trapped in a region haunted by supernatural creatures.

If you need something other than boogy-men and ghosts, then we recommend you to try out the “Alien: Isolation“. It has a unique setting of being in a space station. It’s is available on the PSN Flash Sale April 2018 for just $9, rather than its original $30 price tag.


Looking for VR games? They’ve got a fistful of it too!

Well! If you are in the mood of playing VR games or have a PSVR headset lying around you, then don’t forget to check out “The Invisible Hours” (for $12 down from $30), or “The Inpatient” (available for $16, instead of $40).

In case, if you want some more thrill and excitement, then we would recommend you to try out the “Arizona Sunshine” (an amazing zombie shooter). Just like the previous one, you can get it for $16 (regularly $40).

Do you own a google cardboard instead of a PlayStation VR device? No worries, as you can use VRidge to play the VR games on your device.


This PSN Flash Sale is due to end on this Monday, the 16th of April at about 11 A.M. ET / 8 A.M. PT. Until then you can enjoy discounts at 100+ games, and even more movies on the PlayStation Store. Check out the official sale page for the complete list of deals and discounted games.

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