Nubia Red Devil Ready to Release

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Nubia Red Devil Smartphone will soon be ready to take the Xiaomi powered Black Shark head on, in the gaming smartphones market.

Nubia Red Devil Ready to Release

According to Nubia, a sub-brand of ZTE, the Red Devil will be released in the market on 19th of this month. They said so on the official Red Magic website. Red Devil will be the first gaming smartphone from Nubia, so its release will be an extremely important event for the company itself.


Time Left until Release:

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It is important to note that Nubia recently announced a new wing, named as Red Magic, under its name to dedicate for the development of the gaming smartphones. Moreover, the company’s CEO also published the very first image of the Red Devil Smartphone, showing off its bottom corner.


Expected Design Features

Well! Based on the image, one can guess that the Red Devil will have a metal body. Furthermore, there will be Nubia branding on the lower section of the phone’s back cover.

The smartphone will, most probably, have two antenna sections on its body, one on the top and the other on the bottom. The cutout on the bottom section of the phone might be for the loudspeaker. But some are expecting it to be for some sort of cooling system.

Looks like, for the rest, we will have to wait until the phone, itself, gets out in the market.

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Red Devil Expected Specs

According to some educated guesses, the new Nubia smartphone will be a gaming monster featuring extremely powerful specs. Most of them say that it will have a huge 6-inches display with fullHD+ resolution (i.e. 2160 x 1080p).

To make this thing even more powerful and resource-efficient, Nubia will fuel it up with the Snapdragon 845 octa-core 64-bit processor. It would also make sense if Nubia places its in-house UI on top of android.

Some of them also say that the company will most probably ship it in two versions. The high-end variant will feature 8GB of RAM and higher amount of internal memory; while the other might be an affordable masterpiece with 6GB RAM and suitable amount of memory.

As far as camera quality is concerned, there are no rumors about it. But we can expect a 13 MP back camera with an 8 MP front camera. Anything lower than this might disappoint the user base.

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