Microsoft to-do Outlook Integration

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The new Microsoft To-Do Outlook integration lets you manage your tasks without leaving Outlook.

Microsoft to-do Outlook Integration

It’s been a while, since Microsoft gave the proper attention to Outlook in the form of improvements and integrations. However at yesterday’s New York event, Microsoft made the announcement of adding a much-needed component to Outlook.

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Using Microsoft To-Do Outlook Integration

This newly announced integration feature, previously unavailable to the web interface users of Outlook, can be quite handy for a lot of users. As far as, the working of this feature is concerned, it works a lot like Gmail’s add-ons.

How to integrate To-Do with Outlook

And it’s a whole lot easier to use. In fact, all you have got to do is click on the “To-Do logo”. Doing so will open a sidebar in which you can manage all of your tasks. In the sidebar, you can view the existing tasks, add more tasks, or even delete the already present ones.

However, that’s not just it! This Microsoft To-Do Outlook Integration lets you add tasks from your calendar with just a drag and drop. Moreover, if you need to be reminded of something from an email, then just drag the email to the sidebar, and it will be added to the To-Do list.

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Wrap Up

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