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At Last, Blizzard Confirmed Hearthstone Witchwood Release Time | TechnoScans


Blizzard recently confirmed the release schedule for THE HEARTHSTONE WITCHWOOD for each region including America, Europe, Asia, and China. New card expansions are also gonna’ roll out!

Hearthstone Witchwood Release time confirmed! | TechnoScans

A lot has happened since the last update for the Heroes of Warcraft was launched. But according to rumors, it seems like there’s something worthy to look forward to, after all this time. With the confirmation of the new details for the fans of this amazing card game, the Hearthstone Witchwood is going to launch the new update today.

According to the schedule, as confirmed on the official website of Hearthstone Witchwood, China will get the game a bit later than Asia, Europe, and Americas. This is usually done to prevent the overloading of the servers. The development team said it will be available for the players by the following times:

  • America: 12 April 10:00 A.M PDT
  • Europe: 12 April 12 7:00 P.M. CEST
  • Asia: 13 April 1:00 A.M. CST / 2:00 A.M. KST
  • China: 13 April 6:00 A.M. CST

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Hearthstone WitchWood Official Trailer


Hearthstone Witchwood Features

Blizzard also confirmed that almost all players will get three card packs, free of cost. And the new expansion will be launched with 135 new cards under its name.

Moreover, a new keyword “Echo” will be added, which will enable all associated cards to be copied, while the player is making use of them. And the best part is, you can play these cards continuously, with mana as the lone limiting factor.

 Monster Hunter Quest

Today’s expansion is also going to pack a full-fledged single player quest mode, the Monster Hunter Quest. But it will be released after 26th of April.

In this quest, the greatest heroes of Gilneas’ are summoned to cleanse the forest of darkness. Just like Dungeon Run mode, the players will have to collect bounties after defeating the bosses, and to develop an unbeatable deck to survive in the hostile environment of the Witchwood.

Rush Your Foes

When deployed, the minions associated with the new “Rush” keyword can immediately attack the enemy minions. But this restricts them from attacking the enemy Hero unit, until the turn ends.

Worgen Cards

The Gilneans in Witchwood can shape-shift between their wolf-like and human forms. The same goes for some other cards in the Witchwood. Every time, the player holds the card in his hand, the attack and health of the worgen card get swapped, thus creating a perfect opportunity for an assault.

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Wrap Up!

However, it is important to keep it in mind that, despite being from the official website, these launch times are prone to sudden changes. In fact, the guys at Blizzard, themselves, said that these times are just estimates, depending upon how smoothly the things go.


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