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Uploading video to YouTube FasterNothing is more annoying than waiting for a video to upload to YouTube. Quite often, the task takes a lot of time or gets stuck during the “Processing” phase; and the user feels like it is going to take forever to get the video on board. It is, without a doubt, a frustrating experience irrespective of whether you are a professional video editor, or someone who recently recorded the golden moments of his game play skills to show off to his friends. But it doesn’t have to be, which is exactly why we are writing down this post to help you in uploading video to YouTube faster.


YouTube taking forever to upload? These might be the reasons!

  • The size of the video is too large, and you need to look for means to compress this video without losing any quality. (Don’t worry we have covered this part in detail below.)
  • The quality of internet infrastructure, including that of your town, street, building, and apartment, determines the overall upload speed provided to every connected household. Sometimes, it can also be a culprit behind the slow YouTube uploads.
  • Any other possible reason that can slow down your internet connection, i.e. old equipment, type of connection between router and computer – LAN cable or WiFi, a dropping or weak WiFi signal due to interference.
  • Even YouTube’s back-end can get slow at times, but that’s something pretty rare. But it does reduces the upload speed.

Downloading a video from YouTube is even more of a hassle than uploading video to YouTube faster, but it doesn’t have to be. So, read this article to know what you need to do.


Methods for Uploading Video to YouTube Faster

Before we move on to learning about the fastest way to upload to YouTube, make sure that your video size is within the recommended size limits as described by YouTube. According to them, you should be able to upload a video with following features without any issue:

  • Supported Video Format: MPEG-2, H.264, or MPEG-4 (FLV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, MPEG, SWF, AVI)
  • Audio Format: AAC or MP3 preferred
  • Maximum Video Length: 15 minutes (can be extended to 12 hours by verifying the account)
  • Maximum File Size: 128 GB


Compress the Video Using ClipChamp

Well! It makes a perfect sense that the larger the file, the longer it will take to upload on YouTube. So, the first and foremost thing you are supposed to do for uploading video to YouTube faster is to reduce the size of your video file, before you put it on the upload queue. Moreover, you can also convert your file to WebM or MP4 files which are said to provide optimal size for uploading video to YouTube faster. For the purpose, follow this procedure step-by-step:

Clipchamp - Fastest way to upload to Youtube


  • Select “Convert Video File” if you have it ready, or you can also select “Record with Webcam”, which is pretty self-explanatory in itself.

Convert Video File and Compress - ClipChamp


  • Choose any of the pricing plan depending upon your preferences. The “Free” plan allows you to compress a total of 5 videos every month, and 5 minutes of Webcam recordings. It might be insufficient, but we recommend you to try out the free plan before purchasing a “Business” account. As it will let you know about whether it is going to work out for you or not. Please note that the videos converted using Free plan will get “watermarked”.

Plans and Pricing - ClipChamp


  • Use your Facebook or Google account to sign up directly. You can also choose to create your email account.

Sign Up Process - ClipChamp


  • If you are seeing this page, then congratulations, you have successfully created your account. Now, you can use this free video compressor for YouTube.

Video Conversion Button - ClipChamp


  • Click “Convert my Video” button and it will open a box for you to select the video file. Navigate to your video file, and click open. And the process will start loading the compressor.

Conversion Starting - ClipChamp


  • Under the “I want to optimize for: ” section, select the “Web” option. Moreover, you can also see the details of the video under the editor section. Now click “Start” and ClipChamp will start the optimization process for faster uploading to YouTube.

Optimization Options - ClipChamp


The best thing I love about ClipChamp is that you can directly upload from here to YouTube, using the “Upload and Share” option. Otherwise, click the “Save” button to download the video.


Use an Offline Compression Utility

You can also use an offline video compressor for YouTube videos, so that your bad internet connection doesn’t slow your progress down. For the purpose, you can use the VIP video converter, which can provide great compression without losing quality.For the purpose, you can use the VIP video converter, which can provide great compression without losing quality. And it requires nothing other than these simple steps:

  • Download VIP Video Converter from the official website and install it. Please note that it is a web based installer, so you will need an active connection to download the installation files. Once downloaded, you can use it offline, and at any time.

Vip Video Converter - Official Website


  • From the “Video Formats” section, select the “To MP4” tab.

Dashboard - Vip Video Converter


  • Select “MP4 Same Quality” profile to get YouTube optimized video file

Conversion Formats - VIP video Converter


  • Now click “Add Files”, and select the video you want to compress. Press “Start Converting” to begin. Depending upon the size of your file, the process might take some time to complete.

Conversion Process - VIP Video Converter


Break Your Video In Parts: Best Way To Upload Videos on YouTube

Not satisfied with the above method for uploading video to YouTube faster? Then here’s a way out!

If your video file size is exceeding the limitations implied by YouTube, or uploading extremely slow (which is inevitable in this case), then you can speed up the process by breaking it in parts. In this way, you wouldn’t lose progress in case if something bad happens, like YouTube upload pending or anything else. For the purpose, you can use any video cutting software.


Look for a Better Internet Connection

You Knew this part was coming! Right? Obviously, if none of the above mentioned methods is working, then the only way left is to upgrade your internet package. Even though, they may cost a bit, but are definitely worth it particularly if you are planning to be a professional YouTuber, and don’t want any trouble in uploading videos to YouTube faster.

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