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SD card stopped workingLosing the important files from SD cards is a nightmare that can inevitably turn into a reality, if your SD card stopped working or something bad happens to it. These cards work great and thanks to their small size, they can be used in cameras and phones, but are extremely fragile. So, if it stops working, you can be at a great loss.

In this article, we won’t focus on “how to fix a corrupted micro SD card”, but on the method of getting your files back from a corrupted SD card. These files usually include videos, photos and documents, as you can quickly reinstall your favorite apps as well as can re-download the music files.


Things to keep in mind if your SD card stopped working

  • If you are getting a notification that says “micro SD card not detected” or something like this, and want to recover your files, then make sure that you DON’T FORMAT YOUR CARD.
  • The same goes true if your memory card not detected in mobile.
  • Try using a different reader for your card, instead of the PC’s, laptop’s or android’s inbuilt slot, as sometimes the inbuilt slots aren’t able to read the card. You can also check out the list of our favorite SD card readers at Amazon.


SD card stopped working? Use a recovery software…

Here comes the real part which requires you to download and install a software for file recovery purposes. You can use any program for this purpose but we would recommend you to go with Disk Digger. You can also use EaseUS or ZAR. But it is important to note that there is no guarantee that your files will be intact. In almost all cases, the files lose their original name, and this can be a huge problem for some people.

Some of the free file recovery programs are limited in terms of the amount of data or the number of files they will recover, so don’t forget to look for the limitations before starting the download. Moreover, these apps will usually try to install some additional unwanted programs, so we recommend you to never use the “Recommended” option during the installation process.


Steps to get your files back if your SD card stopped working

Though, this section has been written by keeping ZAR in view, but the options on other software are obvious enough to work. So, all you need to do is follow this guide, step by step for the SD card stopped working (along with a few detours on as needed basis).

  • Download and install ZAR (also known by the name of Zero Assumption Recovery).
  • Insert your SD card not showing up android in the slot of a PC or a card reader and connect it to your PC.
  • Launch the ZAR application.
  • When asked for, select the (FREE) Image Recovery option, as it can assist you in recovering your images from the card.
  • Point ZAR towards the concerned SD card by selecting the correct disk after it looks for the installed devices in the system.
  • Click the “NEXT” button and it will start to analyze your card, which can take a few minutes.
  • Soon you will be presented with a complete list of the files, ready to be recovered.
  • Click the “ROOT” checkbox, if you want to get all of the files back and again click the “NEXT” button.
  • Note that when prompted to select a folder in which the software will place the files after recovery, choose a drive on your system’s hard disk. Choosing the corrupt SD card won’t work.
  • Wait for the time till the process completes (it can take a couple of hours or so).
  • You may have to rename the files along with adding the proper file extension.


Dead SD card not detected android fix

The standard SD cards, because of their thin shells, are flimsy and can break easily if you are carrying them unprotected in your bag or in your pockets. And may be, sometimes, the write-protection switch falls out for some reason, which stops it from working in android, camera or any other device.

Irrespective of the reason, you won’t be able to copy files into or delete files from the card. In case if the card isn’t damaged physically, then you use a Window’s built-in tool to fix this problem. This means that the fix will only work if the card appears in the Windows Explorer. And if it does, then follow this procedure:

  • If your phone not detecting SD card, then plug the card in your computer or laptop using a card reader.
  • Right click it and select Properties (present at the bottom of the menu).
  • Get to the “Tools” tab.
  • In the “Error Checking” section, click the “Check” button and windows will start to scan the card and will also try to fix them.


And what if the SD card stopped working and doesn’t appear in the list?

Search for "Disk Management" in Start Menu

Well! That’s where the Dirk Management comes into action as it lets you see which drives Windows can detect and which ones of them don’t have a drive letter. For the purpose, search for the “Disk Management” in the Start Menu. Check out our detailed tutorial on SD card repair in this post.

SD card with an assigned letter in Disk Management

If you card is present in the list, but is without any assigned drive letter, then you can get it back by right clicking it and using the available option to assign a letter to it. You may also have to format it to the target file system, which the system can read and allocate a letter.

If none of the above cases holds, i.e. you can’t see your SD card in the drives’ list, then either the card reader has stopped working properly or the card itself is dead completely. So, you will have to visit a specialist, depending on whether the data on your SD card stopped working is worth it or not.


How To Get Files Back If Your SD Card Stopped Working

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  1. I never knew that you could recover data from a broken SD card. I always thought that if it stopped working that it was all gone. That’s a shame that some programs limit the number of files you can recover. It would be nice if you could recover them all for free.

    1. Well! The recovery is possible only in case if the card isn’t damaged physically.

      Moreover, the limitations of several programs depend on which type of file you are trying to recover. For example, I’ve never seen a file recovery software that regenerates the same folder structure as it was before getting deleted. But if you are trying to recover images or audio or video files, then our top candidate is perfect for the job.

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