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Uber is the new and most common mode of transport people are using nowadays. In case you don’t know how to use uber, we will tell you how to. We will be taking you through the detailed guide on how to use Uber app to get you the best on-demand car service available.

Uber is an affordable car rental service that gives users comfortable ride. Uber car service is readily available to all users. Users can book an Uber ride within no time using the Uber app. Uber app accesses the user’s location and shows the nearest available drivers to the location. Drivers come and pick the customers from the desired location and drop them at the desired drop point.

There are certain steps that you need to follow in order to set up your Uber account. Follow each and every step to get the most out of the features available in the Uber service.


How to use Uber


How to use Uber Driver App

The very first step to start using the Uber services is to download the Uber app. Uber app download is available free in the Google Play Store and on App store for Apple users.

Download the app and install it on your device.

Uber App Google Playstore


Uber Account Signup

Next step in setting up your Uber account is to sign up for a new Uber account. There are two ways you can signup for the account.

Uber Account Sign up through PC

  • Go to the Uber website.
  • Look for the sign-up link.

Uber Sign up button

  • It will take you to a form which requires you to fill required information regarding sign up.

Uber signup

  • Enter your first and last name.

uber signup name

  • Enter your Uber phone number. This is the number that Uber drivers will use to contact you when they are near your pickup location or cannot find you.

uber contact number

  • Enter your email. The email will come in handy for receiving new offers and Uber receipts.

uber account email

  • Enter the password for your Uber account.

uber account password

  • Click the link “Add a promo code” if you want to enter a promo code before signup. This Uber promo code for existing users can get the new users discounts on their first rides. We will cover the Promo Code topic later in the article.

Uber promo code for existing users

Uber promo code

  • After all the information is entered, click on the signup button.

Uber sign up


Uber Account Sign up through Uber App

Users can also sign up for an Uber account from their mobile apps as well. It has almost the same procedure as signing up from the desktop site.

  • As you might have already installed the Uber app, first of all, open the app.

Uber Mobile app

  • At the start the app might ask for the permission to use the mobile’s location, go ahead and allow it.

uber app gps

  • Two options are displayed at the start screen. Either enter your phone number or use your Facebook or Google account to Sign in.

uber mobile signup

  • If you choose the mobile number option, enter your mobile number. You will receive a four-digit pin on that number which you have to enter later.

uber contact number

  • In case you choose to sign up for your social account, Uber app will redirect you to a link and ask for the confirmation.

uber social account signup


uber facebook and google accounts


  • Rest of the process is same as mentioned above for the sign up through PC browser.


How to book a ride with Uber

  • To book a ride with Uber, simply log in with your Uber account details on the Uber sign in screen.
  • The app will automatically show you the nearest Ubers available to your location.
  • Select your destination by either selecting it on the map or searching in the search box.
  • Select the one you prefer and it will be booked for you.
  • You will also see the options on the type of package to choose.
  • Select the desired one as per your need.
  • Once the booking is done, the driver will look for you when it reaches your location and might need to contact you on your Uber contact number.


How to pay Uber

Uber app will show the estimated Uber rates for your Uber ride. Once your ride is completed, your fare charges will be shown on your Uber App and also on the Uber’s Driver App. All you have to do is to pay the money in cash to the driver. You can also add other payment methods to your account as well.

uber payment methods


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How to use Uber Gift Card

Uber provides bonuses in terms of Uber credits for specific accounts in the shape of Uber Gift cards. Uber gift cards can be bought from several retail locations, from Uber website, and through Uber App as well.

To use the Uber gift cards, follow the procedure below.

  • Be sure to have the latest and updated version of the Uber App
  • Open your Uber App

Uber Mobile

  • In the menu of the app, select “Payment”

Uber Mobile app menu

  • Now select “Promo Code/Gift Card”

How to add uber gift card

  • Now enter the code of your gift card with NO spaces in between

uber promo code entry

One gift card cannot be used again.

How to use Uber Promo Code

Uber Promo Codes provide various types of discounts on rides in terms of Uber credits. To use the promo code follow the same procedure as mentioned above for using Uber gift code.

How to add uber promo code


Uber Account Delete

To delete your Uber account, you can do it either from the mobile app or use a web browser on your system.

How to delete Uber account using Uber mobile app

  • Open your Uber mobile app

Uber app mobile

  • In the menu section, choose “Settings”

Uber Menu Settings

  • Now tap on the “Privacy and Settings” options

Uber privacy settings

  • Select “Delete Account” and follow the steps on the screen

The account will initially deactivate for 30 days time period. Permanent deletion of account will be after 30 days.


How to delete Uber account using a Web browser

  • Open in your browser
  • Sign in to your account
  • Submit a request for your account deletion
  • You will be notified via an email when your account is deactivated


Wrap Up

We sincerely hope that you might now know how to use uber services easily. If you still have any doubts feel free to ask us. In case of any query or suggestion, do share in the comments section. Thanks!



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