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How to install iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPad | TechnoScans

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All new Apple iOS 12 for iPad and iPhone is coming out today. The new iOS 12 is releasing today around 1 P.M Eastern Time. In comparison to the iOS 11, the newer iOS has got much more for the users to experience. In this article, we will demonstrate what’s new in it and how to install iOS 12 on your Apple device.


What’s new in the iOS 12?

Screen Time is the new feature of iOS 12 that keeps track of the time you have been using the apps. If you spend too much time on one app and want to save yourself from spending more, you can set a timer. After the app is opened for that specific time, it will automatically close and won’t open again on that day.

Apple also tends to provide users with improved Stocks Apps. So many of the users related to market stocks can easily go through all necessary data. Tracking portfolio, checking stocks, seeing stocks data and you can also check companies news that you follow.

A feature that everyone will love in the new update is Memoji. It is an improved version of the feature, Animoji, introduced back in the iOS 11 for the iPhone X. The feature will only be available with the devices possessing FaceID feature. Memoji lets you create an animated version of yourself and it can also mimic your facial movements as well.

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iOS 12 lets you organize the notifications in the way you like. Grouping the notifications together and then dismissing them collectively will make it a lot easier to organize them. This makes sure that the lock screen doesn’t get crowded with notifications.

New Measure App is also a prime feature of the iOS 12 update. Utilizing the augmented reality feature, this app lets users measure anything with it. This app might come in handy if you need to measure anything in case you don’t have a measuring tape.

Siri is also getting some improvements to make it better than the previous versions. You will get Siri shortcuts which will let you organize custom command sets for Siri.


How to install iOS 12?

The Apple update will release in no time and Apple users must know how to install iOS 12 on their iPads or iPhones. Here is how you can do it.

  • Open Settings on your device
  • Select General
  • Tap “Software Update” in the menu

The device will then check for the update and if it is available, it will download it and later install it.


Wrap Up

Apple is claiming that the iOS 12 will be efficient and will counter any lags occurring in Apple devices. Apps will open a little bit faster than before and this will improve the multitasking in iPhones. Hopefully, you must have got the idea of the update and learned how to install iOS 12. We are sure that you will enjoy the new iOS 12 and its new features.