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You might have anytime wondered about how to download videos from youtube. Well, this is a common situation that almost every person faces almost every day. We come across some videos that we like a lot and think about saving them to the computer. Most of all, our purpose is to make those videos available offline.

To our bad luck, youtube on its own behalf doesn’t provide any option to download those videos. Most of the times when we see some funny video, our favorite song, some interesting documentary or any other video, we want to download it from youtube.

Well, there are many ways that we can easily download the YouTube videos. In this article, we will be discussing the ways to download the YouTube videos without any hassle. The article will also be covering the query ” how to download youtube videos in mobile?”


How to Download Videos From YouTube

We start with listing the methods that can instantaneously help you download videos from youtube. These methods work online and are not automatic. In case you still can’t understand how to download videos from youtube, then follow the methods mentioned as “Other methods to download videos from youtube”.


Downloading using online services

There are countless websites that provide youtube to video downloading and conversion as well. We are listing here the top 3 that are famous and trusted as well. Note that they are not automatic and for every video, you have to paste the video URL.


Clipgrab is a youtube video downloader free application for windows to download youtube videos. The software works after catching the URL pasted by the user in the required field. The software has several functions related to video downloading.

With Clipgrab, you can easily download any video from youtube in various qualities. It also serves an option of youtube to mp3 converter download, if you just want audio. You can also convert the youtube video into other formats as well.

Download Clipgrab free here( Official site download link)



Vidtomp3 is an online service allowing users to download videos from youtube in mp3 format. Highly rated and famous as well, vidtomp3 is the best youtube downloader mp3 converter over the internet.

vidtomp3- youtube to mp3 converter



Clip Converter is an online youtube video downloader and youtube video converter as well. You just have to paste the video URL into the search box. After that, you can choose the format you want your video to be downloaded in. download youtube video in any format


Other Methods to Download Videos From YouTube

Apart from the methods mentioned above, here are some which will be more useful and easier to use. The ease of using these methods is that they automatically detect the video and provide the download link.


Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager more commonly known as the IDM is a window tool to download any type of file. Luckily, we can use the IDM to download any video from youtube. So, IDM is kind of a free youtube downloader HD for all videos.

You can set up IDM to grab the video downloads in a few steps.

  • Download IDM from the author site. Here is the trusted link to download it from the official IDM website.

Click here to start the download

  • Open your browser
  • Go to the extensions menu
  • Now follow the link from there to extensions store
  • Download IDM Integration Module
  • Allow it the required permissions from extensions menu
  • Voila! Its all set to download videos from youtube.

After successful implementation of IDM with the browser, you will see a little tab of IDM over the video. Just click the button and choose the desired video format.

Internet Download Manager Integration Module Extension is an extension which allows the users to download youtube videos in HD with a single click. The extension works automatically generating the download links. After the extension has been successfully installed you can download videos with a single click. is originally for the Opera browser but you can also use it other browsers as well.

For Opera Users

  • Go to the extensions section of your browser
  • Go to the option to add more extensions
  • In the Opera store, search for the extension name
  • Install the extension

For Chrome Users

  • Go to the extensions menu
  • Click on the link “Add more extensions”
  • Search for extension named Chameleon
  • Install the Chameleon extension
  • Now search on google for extension
  • Follow the link to Opera store
  • Now click on “Add to chameleon”
  • Bingo! Its done

Note: In case you find any difficulty in installation, just follow this link here. download youtube videos

Wrap Up

We hope that you have got enough information on how to download videos from youtube. Surely, you must be now able to download videos from youtube. In case if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section. Do share it with your friends if it helped. Thanks!


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