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Top 10 games like age of empiresWhen it comes to RTS (Real Time Strategy) gaming, there is nothing that can beat the games like Age of Empires. With seven titles under its name in the RTS game genre, the partnership of Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Game Studios has been sitting on the throne since 1997. But there do exist a few games that are capable enough to steal the spotlight with the new ideas and impressive gameplays. If you are also looking for such games, then you are at right place.

The age of empires 2 and its siblings are all about creating armies, building empires, managing resources, and conquering the opponents through wars or alliances. Moreover, they let the players have the complete freedom in choosing their path and deciding on how they plan to win over their foes. The smarter and good player you are, the greater threat you become to your enemies.


10 Great Games Like Age of Empires

If you are looking for the best strategy games like age of empires for PC, then you are the right place. Here, we have collected and compiled a list of top 15 games that can provide the same thrill and impressive gameplay. Another great thing about some of these games is that you can find games like age of empires for android too.

1. Empire Earth (The crown holder)

Empire Earth - Atomic Age WW2 image

Compared to the Age of Empires series which is based only on four ages, the Empire Earth features 14 ears, thus spanning over 500,000 years of the human history. This amazing game makes the best use of the primary concepts and takes you from the prehistoric age with slingers and clubmen to the Nano age with robots, planes, helicopters, and every other amazing thing you can think of.

The most innovative and unique systems in this game is the “Hero” system, who can influence the surrounding units and can turn the tides of a battle. The game includes two types of heroes, warrior heroes who give “Morale” to the nearby units and possess great attack power while the strategist heroes can demoralize the enemy units and heal the surrounding units.

Available at GOG for ($5.99)


2. Rise of Nations (Almost there)

Rise of Nations

For those who are looking for something a BIT different than the official Age of Empires concepts, then Rise of Nations is the perfect choice for you. The key element that separates it from the AOE 2, and the rest, is the concept of “territories”, the area near the settlement of the player. So the player is able to construct the buildings only within their own or the allies’ territories.

Developed by Big Huge Games, the Rise of Nations features eights ages (starting from ancient age to the information age). The primary aim of the player is to gain access to better units and weapons by advancing and progressing to the upper ages, and to wipe off the opponents or conquer them more quickly and efficiently.

Available at Steam for ($19.99)


3. Age of Mythology (A perfect alternative to many games like age of empires)

Age of Mythology

The Age of Mythology is almost similar to that of the original Age of empires series. This game is an excellent spin-off and is based on the legends and mythological beliefs of Norse, Greeks, and Egyptians. Each civilization has its own culture, religion, and mythical units.

To make the things even more interesting, the Ensemble Studios introduced the concept of major and minor gods. Based on your chosen culture, the game allows you to select your major god. And you also get additional special abilities as you advance to the next ages and unlock minor gods. Don’t forget that the main focus of the game, i.e., building construction, resource management, armies, and conquering the opponents, remains the same.

Available at Steam for ($29.99)


4. Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader belongs to the list of those games, who tried to be a bit different from the crowd, and still got success. Today, it is considered to be one of the best RTS games like age of empires 2017. This game follows an almost similar pattern to that of its predecessor, the Stronghold game. The only difference is the Middle East setting in the medieval age, with new Arabian units.

Due to extremely limited oasis grass, the number of farms that the player can build are also limited, which calls for a tougher competition. Furthermore, there are other resources to collect to keep the empire up and running.

Available on Steam for ($5.49)


5. Anno Online

Anno Online

If you are looking for great games like age of empires online, then you will surely fall in love with “Anno Online”. It was a browser-based free to play RTS game, created and powered by Ubisoft. In this game, the main goal of the player is to create and expand his country, and protect it against the invading rivals. Unfortunately, this project has been shutdown, but you can access its android and iOS version from the link below.

Just like many other best RTS games of all time, diplomacy is an important concept in the Anno Online. You are also supposed to explore the map, trade with other players, and combat at the time of need.

Available on Browser for (Free)


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6. StarCraft 2

Starcraft II

Just as its name suggests, the StarCraft 2 is an RTS game based on an environment set in 26th century universe. The main idea of the game revolves around an ongoing galactic struggle of total domination, between four different species. But the player is allowed to play as three species known as Zerg, Terran, and Protoss.

The original game lets you start the story line, “Wings of Liberty” as Terrans. However, you can play the stories of Zerg and Protoss in the expansion packs. Due to the splitting of game into three parts, it offers a highly non-linear gameplay. Simply put, the story line differs for each species, as which you choose to play.

Available on for ($39.99)


7. Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

If you have ever played Dune 2, then you will find the command and conquer to be almost similar to it. The primary aspect of the whole series is focused on different campaigns of several factions that make up a complete storyline. Even though the game looks a bit old, but the only reason it was picked for this list is that it is extremely amazing.

In the Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, the player has to make a choice about his sector in the world map to begin. Then, from there, he starts to starts to shape up his military base, while enjoying MMO elements. The basic concept in this game is still the same, i.e., construct buildings, collect resources, get rid of the enemies to gain control of the area, etc. One of the free games like age of empires, but worth it.

Available on Origin for (Free)


8. Warcraft III

Warcraft III

Here we are, with another impressive RTS game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the Warcraft III. Unlike its sibling, the StarCraft series, the Warcraft features an extensive campaign along with a multiplayer realm. The world map in this game contains all of the essential components including mountains, seas, cliffs, seas, and fields.

In Warcraft III, the players are supposed to establish their settlements to increase their resource reserves, train units, attack enemies, defend against other players, and explore maps. Food, lumber and gold are the main resources in this game.

Available at for ($9.99)


9. Etherium


Developed by Tindalos Interactive, Etherium is one of the best RTS game out now. It features impressive gameplay set in a futuristic science fiction universe, when you get to fight as one of the three different empires to get a hold of “Etherium-rich planets”. Etherium is considered to be an extremely rare and powerful resource, which has got every other empire fighting over it.

The game contains both, the campaign mode as well as multiplayer modes. The player can choose to play as any of the available empires, and fight against other players, to secure the total control of Etherium.

Available on Steam for ($8.99)


10. Age of Wonders III

Age of wonders III

It is no surprise that the Age of Wonders III got itself in this list. Obviously, for that to happen, you would expect a game to be extraordinary, and should introduce a bit different concepts. And that’s exactly what the developers of this game have done. Unlike many other games, it is a turn-based RTS, and pays great attention to every detail.

The gameplay is set up in a fantasy world, in which the player gets the chance to become the leader of a nation. He is supposed to lead his empire towards prosperity by different means, i.e. diplomatically, wars, etc. The game supports a story-driven solo campaign, a local multiplayer mode, as well as an online multiplayer gaming environment.

Available on Steam for ($29.99)


Bottom line (regarding games like age of empires)

I am also an Age of Empires II fan. Even though, I haven’t tried all of the games, but did play three or four of these and found them highly addicting. Concerning rest of the games, I picked ’em up on the basis of palyers reviews and ratings about the best games like age of empires. So, don’t forget to comment below to tell us about your favorite game (from one of the above), or if there’s any other which should be in this list.

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